Anatomy Man

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A multi-piece acrylic brooch depicting a classic Science classroom Anatomy Man complete with many tiny organs.

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Many of us discovered the location of our pancreas by careful examination of our High School Biology lab anatomy man. If given the opportunity, we would remove all of his organs and shuffle
them back into place. If the little wire hooks weren’t bent or broken, then the organs would hold; otherwise it would be a careful balancing act before the bell.

Our Anatomy Man couldn’t survive outside our imagination as he only has some of the major organs: brain, heart, lungs, liver, stomach, small and large intestines (including a tiny appendix). We also threw in some blood vessels – oxygenated and deoxygenated blood of course!

Anatomy Man is made from pale pink acrylic with organs laser cut in beautiful pastels. Etched lines have been hand painted and he has been lovingly assembled by our very own hands.

I’m this big
Weight: 14 grams
Width: 39mm
Height: 74mm

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2 reviews for Anatomy Man

  1. Diane Brown (verified owner)

    Amazing, good size, not too big but still noticeable, small gaps around each of the inset pieces but that makes it look like you can rip his guts out bit by bit. Love him!

  2. Rosanne83 (verified owner)

    The details in this brooch is AMAZING! As a health science uni student, this brooch always receives plenty of attention whenever I wear it. A huge thank you to the Quetzy team for producing such a fun brooch.

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