Caring For Your Quetzy Brooch

Keep your little piece of fun in great shape and free from damage for years to come.

Quetzy's handmade & printed custom protective bags

Some Important Things To Know About Your Brooch

Hello. Thank you for purchasing a Quetzy brooch. This is a little bit about it.

We work hard to ensure each brooch is free from visual imperfections. Although, please keep in mind that our brooches are handmade, and each is unique and may vary slightly in appearance.

Your Quetzy brooch may be damaged by handbag straps…

Your Quetzy brooch may be damaged by handbag straps
Your Quetzy brooch may be damaged by seat-belt straps

and may become caught or tangled in seatbelts and jewellery.

The acrylic surface may deteriorate or discolour with exposure to sprays, perfumes, oils, lotions and deodorants.

Your Quetzy brooch may be spoilt by sprays or lotions
Your Quetzy brooch may break if dropped

Sadly, like many things, if dropped your brooch may break apart on impact.

Your Quetzy brooch is not waterproof.

Please use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth to clean and polish the surface.

We hope that you have years of joy wearing this little piece of fun.