A little bit about us

Quetzy is located in regional Victoria, Australia. We are a two-person team who have a lot in common including our favourite prehistoric beastie – the Quetzalcoatlus, a pterosaur which was the size of a giraffe and get this… it could fly!

We design each brooch based on things we love.

We digitise the drawings…

arrange and optimise file layouts for ‘Benny’ the Laser to forge our coloured acrylic.

We hand paint the pieces

and glue them together.

Every effort has been made to avoid glue smears, misalignments, paint drops, and fingerprints. However, attaining perfection is near impossible for a handmade item and each piece is unique.

We labour over the quality of each brooch and get a little bit upset when things go awry.

We hope you love your brooch as much as we loved creating it.