Wonderful Wombat


A darling little wombat standing on two feet, handmade from laser cut acrylic. She is ready to pin onto your coat along with collectable accessories.

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Quetzy HQ is situated in prime wombat country. It’s relatively easy to locate an occupied wombat burrow and it is not uncommon to see them munching on grass at dusk. Wombats are so abundant that it is easy to forget how incredible they truly are.

This Wonderful Wombat brooch is a celebration of the adorable nature of wombats. They are playful, curious and fun-loving.

The unadorned wombat brooch is the starting point of a collection of accessories designed to be worn together. She harks back to our beloved ‘Mary Quant Daisy Doll’ – a papercut fashionista whom we played with every day until her paper dresses became tatty. You will be able to pin on hats, bags and other seasonal accessories to dress up your very own little wombat.

To get the ball rolling, she comes with a glorious green and gold glittery party hat – appropriate for any birthday party or National sporting event. Hooray!

The little wombat is made from three layers of acrylic so that her head is raised. Most of her fur is a swirly caramel, making every brooch unique; whilst her tummy is a pearlescent gold. Her eyes, ears and cheeks are tiny inset pieces.

The party hat comprises gold and green glitter acrylic. Perfectly suited for any celebration.

I’m this big
Weight – Wombat & Hat: 11 grams
Wombat – Width: 30mm (as pictured)
Wombat – Height: 53mm (as pictured)
Hat – Width: 16mm (as pictured)
Hat – Height: 28mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 9mm (without clasp). 16mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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Weight.1 kg


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