Stargazing Bilby Two-Set


A two-piece acrylic brooch set of a stargazing bilby with a yellow moon with a suspended glittery star.

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At night-time the bilbies of outback Australia emerge from their burrows to gaze up at the beautiful Milky Way galaxy. Created with Easter in mind, this double-brooch set could be worn at anytime.

The Bilby has grey and white acrylic fur with a swish matt black tail.  His nose is made from pale pink and his tail tip is white.  All fine details have been hand painted, although his eyes are inset white and black acrylic pieces.  Separately set onto a clear acrylic backing is a yellow crescent moon and a silver glitter star.

I’m this big
Weight: 9 grams (for the two-set)

Stargazing Bilby
Width: 45mm (as pictured)
Height: 50mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 5mm without clasp (at thickest point). 12mm with clasp (at thickest point)

Moon and Star
Width: 22mm (as pictured)
Height: 42mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 6mm without clasp (at thickest point). 13mm with clasp (at thickest point)

Additional information

Weight.12 kg


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