Baby Feathertail Glider

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An acrylic brooch depicting a teensy baby Feathertail Glider asleep in a matchbox with a patchwork quilt to keep her warm.

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Feathertail Gliders are the only mammal with a flat, fringed, featherlike tail. These delightful Australian marsupials are tiny, measuring a mere 7-8cm as an adult and weighing only 10-15g. They are renowned for making nests in anything available.

Quetzy knows a family who always checked their gumboots, as this was the favourite nesting place of a resident Feathertail who reared many babies on their front verandah. Our baby Feathertail Glider sleeps soundly on a pillow of love hearts guaranteeing a night filled with sweet dreams.

Our inspiration for the ‘Matchbox Tails’ brooches came from the whimsical toys of Maileg. These wonderful Danish toys depict bunnies and mice asleep in matchboxes – we decided to create our own Australian version. Each features an Australian landmark on the front of the box.

This brooch is almost the size of an actual matchbox, so it’s quite large! All pieces are made from laser cut pastel acrylic and with handcrafted painted details.

I’m this big
Weight: 26 grams
Width: 40mm
Length: 82mm

1 review for Baby Feathertail Glider

  1. Lorri McPherson (verified owner)

    Such a magnificent brooch! Great size and colours!

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