Halloween Flying Fox


A handmade acrylic brooch of a Grey-headed Flying Fox and a Jack-o’-Lantern.

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Happy Halloween! The Grey-headed flying fox (sometimes called a fruit bat) is a macrobat that is native to eastern Australia.  They are vital to our ecosystem as they pollinate many plant species.  Halloween is the time when their babies are born…which is quite the opposite of spooky.

Our multi-layered, Flying Fox is made from grey and swirly black acrylic with hand painted rust-coloured tummy fur.  To cast a spell of pollinator magic we have given him a wooden wand.  His Jack-o’-lantern is a sparkly, swirly orange.

I’m this big
Weight: 18 grams
Width: 60mm
Height: 57mm
Thickness: 8mm (without clasp)


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