Granizo the Petite Mexican Deer


Granizo the Mexican deer was a pet belonging to Mexican Artist, Frida Kahlo. Sometimes he wore a collar but our little guy runs free.

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Who doesn’t want their very own pet deer to snuggle and love?

Granizo was a petite Mexican deer owned by the artist Frida Kahlo. She didn’t live on a farm so we wonder where the little fellow frolicked. Let’s assume she took Granizo on walks down the street, maybe to an off-leash local park. We do know that she based some of her most interesting artworks on Granizo’s form.

We think that our Granizo brooch will brighten your day and looks fancy enough to pull off a night time outfit too.

Our little Granizo is made from coffee coloured acrylic with a pearlescent, swirly white tummy. The spots, hoof lines, nose and mouth have been hand painted.

I’m this big
Weight: 10 grams
Width: 55mm Height: 68mm high


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