Lottie the Leadbeater’s Possum

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Lottie the Leadbeater’s possum has stolen a bauble to decorate her nest and she may just steal your heart too.

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Leadbeater’s possums are critically endangered marsupials and live in only one location in the Toolangi Forest of Victoria.

They are Victoria’s faunal emblem but barely anyone in our state can describe what they look like (we tested this on the street and have drawings to prove it, hee hee). Let us tell you that they are so adorable that they top our unofficial list of ‘too cute to be real’ animals (don’t take our word for it, Google leadbeater’s possum images).

We also LOVE Christmas here at Quetzy, so pairing our favourite possum with our favourite festive event was a no brainer for us.

Lottie is made from gloss grey and black acrylic. Her stripy bauble is made from a gorgeous swirly red and green acrylic with a metallic gold acrylic catch. We have tied a red polyester ribbon on for a finishing touch, although this can be untied if you wish.

I’m this big
Weight: 20 grams
Width: 78mm Height: 65mm high

2 reviews for Lottie the Leadbeater’s Possum

  1. debambi77 (verified owner)

    Absolutely sweetest little possum. The handiwork and craftsmanship is stunning. Shipping was super fast and it was packaged beautifully! I am definitely looking forward to buying more pieces from Quetzy and am so happy that I found your shop.

  2. quetzy (verified owner)

    Hi, it’s Quetzy, the Quetzalcoatlus.
    Lottie is one of my close friends and we love spending time together, we make each other smile. Every time he sits on my shoulder for a ride, passers-by comment how adorable he is. I absolutely love my little friend ‘Lottie’ and hope you do to.

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