Periodic Table


A very large, acrylic brooch of the Modern Periodic Table, complete with etched and hand painted element symbols.

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The Periodic Table is a marvel of Science.  All the elements in the universe arranged according to their properties and proton numbers.   Whilst we haven’t been able to include the atomic numbers and relative atomic masses of each element, we did etch and hand-paint on the chemical symbols.

Find it tricky to tell your Alkali Earth Metals from your Transition Metals?  We’ve got those trends covered by colour-coding them in lovely pastels.  Our faves are the Group 1 elements because who doesn’t love a highly reactive explosion in water?

BE WARNED: This brooch is large and probably best suited to a sturdy labcoat.  It comprises two layers with each of the main trends depicted in a different coloured acrylic, with the element symbols etched and hand-painted in black.  We’ve even considered tricky ol’ Hydrogen and matched it with the Nobel gases.  The different coloured acrylics have slight thickness variations.

There are slight variations in the thickness of each different colour acrylic, which is part of the manufacturing process and totally beyond our control.  This means that sometimes the top surface of the brooch may appear uneven and connecting lines could appear unmatched when viewed from different angles.

I’m this big
Weight: 22 grams
Width: 85mm (as pictured)
Height: 54mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 6mm without clasp (at thickest point). 13mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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