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A wearable optical illusion! This acrylic brooch depicts a magnifying glass held over a leaf to reveal a metallic, shiny beetle.

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Our garden is filled with tiny arthropods… crawling in every available space, ready to freak us out or bring us immense joy.   It’s a mysterious mini world out there amongst the greenery!

We’ve created a wondrous optical illusion with the magnifying glass held over the leaf to reveal enlarged leaf veins and a brand new species of metallic coloured beetle.

The leaf is a single layer of bright green acrylic with etched and hand-painted veins.   Sitting on this is a pastel red beetle that has been hand-painted in shiny metallic.   The magnifying glass comprises clear and grey acrylic and has a handle made from bamboo.

I’m this big
Weight: 9 grams
Width: 63mm (as pictured)
Height: 54mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 9mm without clasp (at thickest point). 16mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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Weight.12 kg

1 review for Garden Secrets

  1. Lanna (verified owner)

    I am delighted with the amazing optical illusion of this brooch, the children at school will love it! Like all Quetzy brooches it is superb quality and made and sent with loving care, thank you so much!

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