Glitter Bilby Egg Outback Red

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A glittery rose-coloured acrylic brooch of an Easter egg with an inset bilby stargazing at the Southern Cross and the Moon.

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The sparkly foil wrappers of our Easter time treats were the inspiration for this brooch. We’ve decorated this glittery, rose-coloured egg with a tiny bilby gazing into the night sky.   The Southern Cross constellation, a crescent moon with a suspended star and three teensy patterned eggs also adorn the wrapper.

This Easter Egg is made from rose glitter acrylic (resembling the sparkly outback sands), the bilby has been cut from grey acrylic and the tiny Easter eggs are made from pastel.   The stars and the moon are made of cream and yellow acrylic.   All fine details have been hand-painted.

I’m this big
Weight: 14 grams
Width: 43mm (as pictured)
Height: 55mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 5mm without clasp (at thickest point). 12mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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Weight.12 kg

1 review for Glitter Bilby Egg Outback Red

  1. cathjohnson (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous and sparkly pink Bilby Easter egg brooch, with stunning, tiny details. So lovely it can be worn anytime and not just at Easter. Thankyou!

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