Giuseppe the Squirrel Glider

I'm Hibernating!

An acrylic and wood brooch of a chubby Australian Squirrel Glider wearing pyjamas riding a sled.


Giuseppe the Squirrel Glider lives for Christmas.  It’s the Summer School Holidays here in Australia, so no snow at all…however, grassy slopes in public parks (in Quetzy’s case, our Grandma’s front lawn) enable our kiddies to don their bathers, roll out the ‘Slip ‘n Slide’ and spend hours sliding along.

Quetzy was recently lucky enough to participate in a Scientific Expedition to investigate species living in revegetated Grey Box Eucalypts in our area. To our delight we saw an adorable Squirrel Glider with tiny pink hands and a bushy black tail!

Australian Squirrel Gliders are endangered marsupials who face a grim future due to land clearing and predation from introduced species. We discovered that in our own area, they are forced to make their homes in the thin strip of crownland that exists along the sides of roads.

This Giuseppe the glider is made from grey acrylic and is wearing raspberry pastel pyjamas with inserted red stars.
The sled is made from bamboo. Fine details have been hand painted.

I’m this big
Weight: 16 grams
Width: 48mm (as pictured)
Height: 70mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 11mm (without clasp) 16mm (with clasp)


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