Tasmanian Waratah

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A Tasmanian Waratah, with flowerheads resplendent in deep red and raspberry swirled acrylic.

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Tasmanian Waratahs are less compact in shape than their mainland counterparts, but no less beautiful. They bloom in late spring with a magnificent unfurling of red and pink stamen.  This unsung hero of the waratah world grows across Tasmania and is waiting to adorn your winter coats!

Each brooch will be unique due the placement of hand-mixed swirly acrylic in both the pink and red flowerheads. One layer of leaves is a solid green, the other leaf layer comprises green swirls. The leaf veins have been etched and painted by hand.

Precautionary Notes:
This brooch is large in size with delicate flower parts. Extra care must be taken to avoid entanglement with clothing, bag straps and long hair. You must not put pressure on the flower parts when fastening the brooch to your clothing. We recommend holding it by the more robust leaves.

I’m this big
Weight: 14 grams
Width: 72mm (as pictured)
Height: 67mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 11.5mm without clasp (at thickest point). 18.5mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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Weight.1 kg

2 reviews for Tasmanian Waratah

  1. cathjohnson (verified owner)

    The most unique take on a waratah brooch I have seen, capturing the delicate nature of the flower so well. Looks beautiful individually and paired with Quetzy native animal pieces too. Amazing quality and super customer service every time, thankyou!

  2. Rmendez (verified owner)

    An absolutely gem ! This waratah is balanced, stylized in designed and glorious on. The petals look delicate but its a sturdy brooch with a long clip that is vertical which makes its easy to adjust. It is a standing piece on its own but looks gorgeous with the sun at its back too. Love it

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