Marvellous Megabat


An adorable, hand-made brooch of an Australian Megabat in flight.

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Grey-headed flying foxes are the only megabat that is endemic to Australia and the only species that can be observed from time to time around Quetzy HQ in central Victoria.

These incredible mammals can travel up to 2500km annually and although they do feast on our cherries and peaches, we appreciate their invaluable ecological service in maintaining biodiversity as pollinators and seed dispersers of our local eucalypts.

Designed to be worn all year round, this stunning Marvellous Megabat brooch is made from three-layers of laser cut acrylic. His tummy is made from a swirly, rust-coloured layer containing apricot inserts; whilst his body, head and wings made from swirled graphite that contains a hint of sparkle. This little guy is wearing flying goggles because dispersing up to 60,000 seeds along a 50km stretch every night requires some serious kit.

I’m this big
Weight – Together: 13 grams
Width – Approx: 69mm (as pictured)
Height – Approx: 56mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 8mm (without clasp). 15mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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