Amouradillo – Turquoise


A handmade acrylic brooch of an anthropomorphic armadillo adoring her baby.

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Armadillos are remarkable creatures, sometimes referred to as ‘living dinosaurs’.  Quetzy once travelled all the way to Mexico in the hope of spotting one in the wild but had to make do with iguanas!  Our mother armadillo is gazing lovingly at her baby, which is nestled safely in the curve of her tail.

This brooch is available in two colourways: This version has acrylic in a retro mint and turquoise combination, with a baby made from pastel orange. All fine details have been hand painted.

Many of these brooches are assembled and ready to go to new homes, whilst others are still in pieces. To ease confusion we are marking them all as pre-order on our website with a cautious turn-around time of eight weeks to get everything posted out. We know from your messages that pre-ordering eases your ‘launch day’ stress and over-estimating the production time eases ours!

I’m this big
Weight: 18 grams
Width: 56mm (as pictured, tail across to back)
Height: 63mm (as pictured, ears down to bottom)
Thickness: 11.5mm without clasp (at thickest point). 18.5mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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Weight.1 kg


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