Tiny Turtle Trio


A Trio of Tiny Turtle Hatchlings, each with a different flipper pose ready to migrate their way across your cardigan or coat lapel.

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Leatherback Turtle hatchlings have a reported survival rate of one in one thousand, the lowest of all the sea turtles. The chance of nabbing a set of Tiny Turtles from Quetzy is significantly lower as these babies are only available in limited numbers.

There are three tiny turtle designs: flippers down, flippers up and flippers scooping positions and they are sold in clutches of three containing an individual hatchling of each design. They are not available for single sale.

Each turtle comprises two layers of etched acrylic. Their little flippers and heads are made from Leatherback grey; whilst the carapace has been cut from a swirled and glittery grey-pink acrylic that has been mixed by hand so that each and every little hatchling will have a unique shell, making it truly individual. Please note that some carapaces are mostly grey, others are mainly pink, whilst most are a delightful mix of both colourways. The eyes black acrylic inserts.

I’m this big
Weight – Together: 18 grams
Width – Approx: 60mm (as pictured)
Height – Approx: 48mm (as pictured)
Thickness: 6mm (without clasp). 13mm with clasp (at thickest point)

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