Unlucky Palm


A mischievous grey tabby cat attacking an ’unlucky palm’ plant. This acrylic cat brooch is based on the joyful art of Louis Wain and a beloved grey tabby cat named Ben.

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When we were kids our Uncle drove down Sydney Road in Melbourne and noticed a tiny, grey, tabby kitten laid across the tram track. He opened his car door, holding up traffic, whisked up the baby and took him to my Grandmother’s in rural Victoria. She named him Ben and fed him with an eyedropper. He grew to be the most affectionate boy who welcomed everyone into the home.

The tabby fur is a swirly grey acrylic with hand-painted stripes. The unlucky palm is made from dark green ripple acrylic, potted in a dark pink rippled bowl. All details have been hand painted. Each brooch is unique due to variations in the acrylic.

I’m this big (actually, I’m quite small)
Weight: 10 grams
Width: 50mm
Height: 52mm


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