Quetzy Delivering the Valentine's Brooch Collection to customers

Release Information

These ‘highlighted’ conditions relate to purchasing during a Design Release. They incorporate our Terms of Use and create our full transaction conditions which you acknowledge and agree during checkout.

*Combine Orders for Shipping* Button at Checkout

Our website has a button to click allowing you to ‘combine orders’ for the purpose of only having to pay one postage cost during a release.  Yay!  This feature is available on the checkout page when you have an existing order/s still ‘processing’, and those order/s have not yet been posted out to you. Once your order is marked as ‘Shipped’ by Quetzy the option is automatically removed from your checkout options and will no longer be available.

This button is pure gold and is a game changer for us. Here are the complete conditions and requirements:

  1. If you have one (or many) orders that have not yet been marked complete and posted off to you, your existing prior order number/s will be available to select and ‘combine’ on the bottom of the checkout page prior to the payment section.
  2. Once a previous order is selected for combining, the current order postage item cost will automatically be removed from your order summary before payment is processed.  This means you will only pay one single postage cost if you make 1, 2 , 3 or even 5 separate orders during the release.
  3. You must always be checking out as a registered Quetzy.com.au user, AND be logged in to your account to see your existing orders to combine, (this is the only way our system knows what you are able to combine with).
  4. Creating a Quetzy account is now required to purchase from us. CHECKING OUT AS A GUEST WITHOUT A QUETZY ACCOUNT would mean you can not return later and use the ‘combine orders for shipping’ feature. If you have not previously created an account, our system will offer details to create one for you during checkout the first time you purchase from us. This helps make the account creating process seemless for you. 
    Creating an account also allows you to log in any time and view your previous orders, and download your pdf invoices from your ‘My Account’ –> ‘Orders’ page. Pretty neat!

This functionality removes the stress that many people find when they suddenly realise they want to snaffle up another brooch after their initial order is placed. Please do not email to ask us to combine your orders any more as everything is now automatic for you. Hooray!  With this in mind, please note that we will be unable to monitor or refund additional shipping of combined orders for customers who do not use the new combined order checkout function.  Thank you for your understanding.

Address Change Request After Ordering

Note: Due to the finite nature of our time, combined with the manual nature of our entire creation/making and shipping order process, we are unable to accommodate any address change requests after your order is placed.
Please ensure your details are CORRECT and CURRENT at the time of placing your order, and for the entire duration of our order/preorder fulfilling period. This will avoid your disappointment of rejection if/when we politely decline your address change request.

We apologise for this, although it is an unfortunate reality of our tiny, resource-limited handmade business process.

Orders for ‘Pre Assembled’ Stock

During a design release our workload is very high and with a LOT of manual processing and handling required. We also like to ensure each order is processed and wrapped with attention to detail that will make you smile.  If we have specified that the release is for ‘currently made up’ brooch items, please allow up to 10 business days for your order to be processed and dispatched. Postage delivery time will be in addition.

Orders for ‘Pre-Order’ & ‘Mixed Assembly’ Stock

Please allow either six (6) or eight (8) weeks (as indicated on the product description) for us to make, package and ship your pre-ordered brooch/es. Orders will be completed and posted in the order which they were received.

If the release is marked as mixed “preorder’ and ‘in stock’, we cannot start assembly until we have posted out any ‘assembled’ in-stock orders. This could take up to 10 days before we start making pre-orders.  After this time, you will need to allow the eight (8) weeks for us to make and process your brooch.

If available and you would like to ensure you receive any ‘in stock‘ items before your pre-ordered items, you will need to create two separate orders with individual shipping costs selected and paid.

Express Post

We live in an area which is located outside the guaranteed metro Express Post delivery time schedule. Please allow for this if you choose Express Post delivery for your order.

It should be noted that due to the impact of Covid and increased global shipping volume, Australia Post no longer guarantee traditional‘Express Delivery Time-frames’. Currently they describe their commitment as limited to prioritize your Express Post parcel item.

Locations We Currently DO NOT SHIP

Due to the added time and processing requirement of certain international locations, we currently do not ship to the following locations:

  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Indonesia (ID)
  • Russia

Browser Recommendation

To make your experience as stress free as possible we do not recommend using ‘Windows Edge’ to browse our site.  This browser is not yet fully compliant for many ecommerce websites and it is common for ‘Edge’ to have issues that may not seem apparent at first.

This may change, but at this time we suggest one of the more common and robust browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer.