Release and Pre-Order Conditions

**Pre-Order Details**

If you purchase a pre-order brooch, please be aware that we cannot start assembly until we have posted out all ‘in stock only’ orders, this could take up to a 10 days before we start making during a busy release.  After this time, you will need to allow up to two weeks for us to make your brooch. Your complete order will then be posted.

We will do our best, but unfortunately we cannot guarantee that orders with a pre-order item included will reach you before Christmas.

If you would like to ensure you receive your ‘in stock‘ items for Christmas, please create separate orders for them.

**Combined Order Shipping**

We are happy to combine your orders being posted to the same person at the same address.  However, we can only do this if you add a note to your second order during checkout requesting such. Please include your previous order number.  The postage cost for the second order will be refunded through the payment gateway used to pay for your order.

Due to time constraints we will be unable to monitor combined orders for customers.  We thank you for your understanding.

**Double Order Refunds**

We are happy to refund orders in the event of accidental double ordering.  The order total, less transaction fee will be refunded through the payment gateway used to pay for your order.  Please understand that when orders are refunded we still incur the total orders transactional fee and this is a non-negotiable reality. 

We ask that you please be mindful and click the ‘pay now’ button once then pause to wait for the payment system to respond and process your purchase.  If nothing happens after a minute or two, you may consider trying it again.

**Browser Recommendation**

To make your experience as stress free as possible we recommend not using ‘Windows Edge’ to browse our site.  This browser is currently not fully cross compliant for many dynamic web systems, and It is common for ‘Edge’ to have issues that may not seem apparent at first.

This may change, but at this time we suggest one of the more common and robust browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer etc.

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